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Due to extensive abuse of the guestbook form (thank you all spammers!), the form has been removed. If you want to contribute to the guestbook, please use the contact form which you can find by clicking on the bottom of the screen on my name. Mark your comments with 'guestbook'. Sorry for any inconvenience.

 Guestbook entries 
Date:23 Jan 2013 14:14
Name:Colin DingleyEmail:Colindingley@ao..
Remarks:G20000-01/2/3/4/5/6/7 originally operated by ACT have been renumbered
1001045 =G 2000-14 AT
1001046 =G 2000-15 AT
1001047 =G 2000-16 AT
1001450 =G 2000-17 AT
1001451 =G 2000-18 AT
1001452 =G 2000-19 AT
5001519 =G 2000-20 AT
Answer:Thank you for noticing the number change. However the company suffix has changed into ER since ATC became part of FER. I have updated the pages.

Date:9 Apr 2007 06:31:59
Name:Tony BurgessEmail:ware@bi..
Remarks:Hi, Richard,

An interesting site
Do you have a complete listing for all other models?
With numbering, owner, operator and builders number.
From the photos, they do not have the full international numbering visable, is there a reason for this? Not yet in service?

Tony Burgess [Sydney, Australia]

Date:4 Sep 2005 19:10:48
Name:Tom SladeEmail:tom.slade@ti..
Remarks:Hi Richard,
Was in holland 28/08/05 at Utrecht and saw R4C 2004 (1001446) had to run up the platform but got some pic's. If you would like to see them or put them on your sight which is very good very informitive
plese replie as to haw to send pic's etc

Date:11 Dec 2004 14:15:01
Name:Brian GarvinEmail:brian_garvin@ho..
Congratulations on producing a very interesting andinformative site and in English as well!
The hire periods of certain locomotives justs shows how confusing the modern railway scene can be. Thanks for making the G2000 information available in this form.
Good luck and well done!
Brian Garvin

Date:8 Dec 2004 10:56:07
Remarks:Idd! Met deze site gaat ook nog eens stiekeme wens van mij in vevulling ;) Ik houd wel van zo overzichtelijke systematische aanpak... Ga zo door!

Date:8 Dec 2004 06:09:16
Name:Arjan SchaalmaEmail:apschaalma@ho..
Remarks:Complimenten voor de mooie en uitgebreide website!
Weet nu onder andere wat meer over de RAG-loks.
Ik hoop dat je met deze "fan-site" veel bezoekers zult trekken.
Groeten, Arjan

Compliments for your nice website, full of information!
Have learned a little bit more about the RAG-loco's.
I hope you will get a lot of visitors on this "fan-site"!

Date:6 Dec 2004 23:29:03
Name:Freek VerhoofEmail:freek_verhoof@ho..
Remarks:Als G2000 liefhebber (ze bestaan idd ;) ) heb ik de afgelopen tijd met smart op deze site zitten wachten, en niet voor niets blijkt. Gefeliciteerd Richard!
Groeten Freek

PS Ik heb nog het een en ander aan fotomateriaal liggen ;).

Date:1 Dec 2004 01:08:33
Remarks:Hèhè, eindelijk weer eens een nieuwe site op internet die écht iets toevoegd :-)))
Proficiat Richard en ga zo door!!

This guestbook has opened on December 1st 2004.

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