Below you will find a complete list of the G 2000 locomotives as far as I know. Any corrections or additions are welcome and you can use the contact form by clicking on my name on the bottom of the page. Some explanations to the list:
  • Works number = factory works number, the list is sorted by this number, it is still the best way to identify a loco
  • Number = the locomotive number given by the company which is using the loco
  • Date = the periode the company is (was) using the loco, if no end date is given, this date is not known or the loco is still at that company
  • UIC = shows the countries the loco has been approved for
  • NVR = National vehicle register, the 12-digit UIC number followed by the country code and company code
  • Rem = Remarks, click on the folder symbol to see extra remarks for this locomotive and/or company
 Locomotive list 
IDWorks numberBuiltTypeNumberDate (from - until)UserUsertypeUICNVR-numberRem