News of 2005
Update 12/12/2005
Three pictures added (1001040, 1001445 and 1001446) and facts and list pages updated.
Update 24/09/2005
Two pictures added (1001455 and 5001575).
Update 15/08/2005
Three pictures added (1001445, 1001446 and 1001454) and facts and list pages updated.
Update 17/07/2005
Eleven pictures added (1001034, 1001324, 1001384, 1001445, 1001460 and 5001575) and facts and list pages updated.
Update 29/06/2005
Two pictures added (WLE 21 and OHE 1001460) and facts page updated.
Update 12/06/2005
The list of locomotives has been updated.
New URL 29/05/2005
This website is now reachable on an new URL: (because the old URL has too much unwanted advertising).
Update 29/05/2005
Some facts have been added. My email address has been replaced by a contact form.
Test run on 16/03/2005
A MaK 2000 locomotive has made a test run between Merelbeke and Brugge. A picture of this has been added.
Update 10/03/2005
Two pictures added of G2000 26 SF.
Update 23/01/2005
Just a small update: some pictures have been added (R4C 2001 and 2002), facts and list have been updated.
New website
This website came online on 01/12/2004.

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