News of 2006
Update 19/12/2006
Updated pages are: facts, list and pictures were added of the new locomotives 5001616 and 5001632.
News 08/09/2006
From today this site is also available on
News 30/08/2006
Today a new locomotive left Kiel with works number 1001457. The locomotive is for MRCE.
Update 30/08/2006
Updated pages are: facts, list (there are even locomotives listed which are still being built) and 39 pictures added.
News 08/08/2006
Hector Rail has signed a purchase contract with Vossloh Locomotives for one of their class G2000-5 BB locomotives. (Press release Hector Rail AB).
News 01/08/2006
Today a new locomotive was seen in Kiel-Wik with works number 5001603. The locomotive has not yet an EBA-Number nor a Revision date. The locomotive is intended for the Netherlands, Belgium and France according to the UIC symbol.
News 02/07/2006
I.S. Modellbau will produce the MRCE 5000 1607 and 1608 in H0 based upon a Mehano modell. See their website for more information.
Update 03/06/2006
Large update this time: facts, pictures (now 237 in total and new feature to see pictures per photographer), list (new feature to see locomotives per company), models (now 10 pictures) and the guestbook has reopened.
Update 12/04/2006
Facts updated and a picture of 5001605 added.
Update 26/03/2006
Pictures added of 1001040, 1001384, 1001458 and 5001606. Also Facts updated and pictures of Mehano models added.
Update 26/02/2006
Pictures added of the two black MRCE 500 1607 and MRCE 500 1608.
News 22/02/2006
On Tuesday February 28th both ERSR G2000 locomotives ERSR 2001 and ERSR 2002 will return to ATC. From March 1st ERS Railways has hired two new G2000 from MRCE and they will be numbered MRCE 500 1607 (works number 5001607) and MRCE 500 1608 (works number 5001608).
Update 20/02/2006
Models list updated and pictures of my models added, picture added of the new R4C 2005.
Update 13/02/2006
Facts and list pages updated. 22 Pictures added, mostly from dutch engines. New list of H0-models added.
Update 13/01/2006
Facts and list pages updated.

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