News of 2007
Update 05/09/2007
A rather large update this time. The facts, list and pictures pages have been updated. The table of all known locomotives has a new column that tells you for which country a locomotive is suitable. 26 new pictures have been added of various locomotives. Special thanks for Matthias Krause for his information from Kiel and his many pictures.
Update 09/04/2007
The facts and list pages have been updated. 11 Pictures have been added: most interesting are the ones of the new 5001640.
Update 25/03/2007
The facts and list pages have been updated. 20 Pictures have been added (for example 1001042, 1001341, 1001456, 5001608 and 5001633). And the specials section has been extended.
Also I have reinstated the guestbook form and you can now leave your name and email address on the main page if you want to be informed about news and updates.
News 17/03/2007
At Vossloh in Kiel 4 new G2000 locomotives for EWS/ECR could be seen. Two of them have the yellow rectangle at the front and are expected also to be seen in the Netherlands in the future. The two others are completely white. It seems that delivery will not take long anymore.

Update 23/01/2007
Updated pages are: facts, models (now with 15 pictures), specials and some new pictures (see for instance 5001607 with new RTB logo's).
News 20/01/2007
Large order for Vossloh in Kiel. Angel Trains Cargo has ordered 19 diesel locomotives type G2000 at Vossloh. The order has a value of 48 Millions of Euros and will secure the jobs of the 475 employees of Vossloh for this year. The first locomotives will be deliverd this month and the order will be completed by the end of the year. See also the specials section.

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