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Date:18 Sep 2010 12:38:29
Name:Gert-Jan Langelaarglangelaar@ca..
Remarks:Prachtige site ga zo door
Date:6 Sep 2010 19:30:43
Name:Martin Mauerermsmauerer@fr..
Remarks:A very great page, perfect. I'm from Bavaria and I know the V200 during their restauration at the Regental Werkstätten in Viechtach, about twentyfive kilometres away from my home. Thank you for the good pictures and the very interessting information. Please go on.
Date:1 Apr 2010 10:13:09
Name:Hans-Jürgen Backerhans-juergen.backer@t-..
Remarks:Das ist ja eine tolle Zusammenstellung. Ich habe sie mir gerne angeschaut. Bin überrascht, wieviele V200 noch aktiv sind.
Herzliche Grüsse und "Frohe Ostern"
wünscht Hans-Jürgen Backer
Date:11 Jun 2009 18:27:39
Name:Patrick Martin104655@te..
Country:CanadaMartin Slides
Remarks:Very interesting information - well assembled and presented
Date:17 Aug 2008 23:10:16
Name:Bastaan BlinksmaBlinksma@pl..
Remarks:Good information and pictures. I am born in 1960 in Hamburg, so I am very interested for that period and region. Mine modelrailroad is situated as above and have the models V200 002, V200 035, V200 040 from Roco and the V200 018 from Trix driving.

Date:28 Jun 2008 22:12:42
Name:Marc Desobeauartistoftherails@ea..
Country:USAMarklin in Utah
Remarks:Great Website! Very informative and I really like all of the great pictures.
Thanks, Marc
Date:11 Oct 2007 22:24:23
Name:Andrew Linehanalinehan@bl..
Remarks:A wonderful source of data on the V200 series.

Well done and many thanks
Date:3 Oct 2007 15:06:53
Name:Roberto Quinnrobertojorge_quinn@ya..
Remarks:Dear sirs,

It is a fantastic experience your site.

Date:12 Aug 2006 10:30:10
Name:Nigel Caldicottspiney@sp..
Remarks:Hi, I'm a hydraulic fan I'm very interested in the V200's. I'm trying to find out which V200's were fitted with which engines. I was hauled by V200 033 last week which has Maybach MD650's. I've also been hauled by V200 002 which, I believe had differnt engines. Help.
Answer:The V200's could be fitted with 3 different engines: Maybach MD650, Daimler-Benz MB820 Bb and M.A.N. L 12V 18/21. The proto types V200 001 - 005 were only fitted with the Maybach and Daimler-Benz. I do not have a list of which V200's were fitted with which engines.
Date:20 Oct 2005 18:51:45
Name:Brian HawkinsBa.hawkins@nt..
Country:EnglandSteam and the Dragon -
Chinese Railways by Brian Hawkins
Remarks:Hello Richard, wonderfull website dedicated to one of my favorite diesel locomotives, keep up the good work.
Date:8 Oct 2005 13:25:10
Name:Christian van den Boomcvdboom@gm..
Remarks:Hello Richard!

Gisteren was ik in Tiefenbroich tot 6 uur, maar de V200 kwam niet. De geruchten zeggen dat de locomotief niet loopt van gistereren tot woensdag omdat alle machinisten op vakantie zijn.
Goed geluk met deze locomotief! En: U hebt een mooie pagina!

Christian van den Boom
Date:6 Jun 2005 10:15:34
Name:Jimmy Jamesjmyjam@ao..
Remarks:Richard, An excellent coverage of a fine old diesel. I hope as editor of our Italian Railways Society magazine binari to use some data and photos in the future, will that be O.K. Keep up the good work!
Regards, Jimmy.
Date:30 Jun 2004 13:08:37
Name:W. Buitenrust Hettemaw.buitenrusthettema@pl..
Remarks:A beautifull locomtive like the V200 deserves this an equal beautifull site.
Well done!
Date:10 Jun 2004 17:24:43
Name:Coppel Patrickpacoppel@te..
Remarks:Very nice web.
I am looking to repair a small V200 (scale HO), have you some photos about frenchcompany railroad using this sort of loco?
Best regards, patrick
Answer:Have a look at my dutch site in the V200 section, there are some pictures of myself and others of the V200 that were in France.
Date:27 Feb 2004 17:54:27
Name:Dave Griffithsdave@da..
Remarks:A big thank you for all your hard work putting the site togther. You have done a superb job. I met Rob Fern the other day who put me on to your site. In case you didn't know, he is the chap in england who is interested in preserving a 220. Keep up the good work. Dank u wel
Date:5 Feb 2004 08:33:57
Name:Paulo Sousapdmsousa@ho..
Remarks:A great site for a great lok.
Thank you for your work
Date:25 Jan 2004 23:40:27
Name:Thomas Schmidttomzuhause@ho..
Remarks:Hallo Richard,
best wishes from Leverkusen/Germany.
Your Website is very great, and I hope that can I see the Original V200060 one Time in my Live. Can you give me the adress where she is staying in Italy?
Answer:The V200 060 should be back now from the overhaul. All V200's of FER operate in the Po-Area, the line where they can be seen most of the times is (Codigoro -) Ferrara - Sermide - Poggio Rusco - Suzzara (- Guastalla). Depots are in Ferrara Porta Reno and Sermide.
Date:2 Jan 2004 01:13:50
Name:Cvetoslava Malinakvetinka-malina@gm..
thanks for portraying the v200 from Hamm.
Date:15 Oct 2003 13:41:52
Name:Peter Holmanholman@is..
Remarks:When will come V200 to visit Slovakia? I did not see her at real.
I know her only from books and modells. Which engines are stronger and more used, Maybach or Daimler? I think the former.
We have the homepage about Slovak
The locomotive with two engines is not used in our railways.
Date:12 Apr 2003 09:26:34
Name:Franz Wunschikfranz.wunschik@on..
Remarks:Richard, your new website is great.
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