News of 2022
May 23rd: 221 106 transported to Oebisfelde
V 200 033 and 212 079-8 transported 221 106 from Altenbeken to Oebisfelde. The loco is still in its yellow EGP outfit.

May 1st: 221 136 to Heinrichsmeyer Eisenbahndienstleistungen
Heinrichsmeyer Eisenbahndienstleistungen in Merzig bought 221 136-5, the loco was seen in action with the logo's of the former owner covered with light blue foil.
 News of 2021
September 11th: 221 120 returned to Altenbeken
In a workshop in Oebisfelde, the 221 120 was restored to its old red color outfit and returned to Altenbeken today. Transport was provided by Altmark Rail's Nohab My 1131.

March 21st: 221 120 to be restored
The 221 120 was transferred by the Nohab 1149 from Altenbeken to a workshop in the eastern part of Germany for a body restoration.

February 25th: V200 122 to Gerolstein
The 221 120 was transferred by the Nohab 1149 from Altenbeken to a workshop in the eastern part of Germany where for a body restoration.

February 10th: Vulkan-Eifel-Bahn bought V200 122
Vulkan-Eifel-Bahn Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (VEB) bought 221 122 from EFW Verkehrsgesellschaft. The locomotive is currently still in Alstom Werk in Stendal, but will soon be transferred to Gerolstein.
 News of 2015
December: V200 053 to Deutsche Privatbahn
Deutsche Privatbahn GmbH (DP) in Altenbeken has now taken over V200 053. The locomotive has been used several years by the Brohltal Eisenbahn GmbH for the aluminium transport from Spellen to Koblenz. Due to rips on the pivots the locomotive could not be used any more. The locomotive has been repainted in red and will now be on display in Altenbeken.

July 17th: V200 015 to Museum Eisenbahn Hamm
Due to damage on the V200 053 which will not be repaired, there is no use to keep V200 015 for spare parts in Brohl. Museum Eisenbahn Hamm has now obtained the V200 015 for spare parts and brought the locomotive with their own V200 033 to Hamm.
 News of 2014
May 16th: V200 136 received a major overhaul
EGP 221 136-5 has received a major overhaul at Schienenfahrzeugbau Wittenberge GmbH which was finished at May 1st 2014. The dark blue livery was repainted into a brighter blue. At May 16th she made a test run in the Prignitz.
221 136, Wittenberge
 News of 2012
August 27th: 221 145 Lastprobefahrt
Today 221 145-6 made a loaded test run from Neustrelitz to Neukölln and back. After about 2 years of rebuilding the locomotive was finished. She runs in a bright red livery with black top and frame with the known V-striping on both fronts. Behind the locomotive was RTS 230 077 and at the end museum locomotive V160 003. On her way back to Neustrelitz Northrail 9880 0273 006-3 was picked up and taken with them to Neustrelitz. 221 145-6, Berlin Wuhlheide
With 221 145 finished it is the 10th locomotive restored to working order of the 20 pieces that returned from Greece.
 News of 2011
April 12th:
V270.10 delivered to SGL

Locomotive V270.10 (ex-DB V200 124) finally has been turned over to SGL and was seen in Würzburg by Markus Lohneisen. The NVR number is 92 80 1221 124-1 D-SGL.
V270.10, Würzburg

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