News of 2004
November 18th:
221 136 working for EBW-Cargo

From today, the blue 221 136-5 is working trains for EBW-Cargo in the Würzburg area.

Oktober 21st:
V270.06 on its way to EBW-Cargo

Today V270.06 has left OMB at Neustrelitz and is on its way to the new owners EBW-Cargo in Würzburg. Running light from Neustrelitz to Brandenburg Gbf where she took a train with her to Würzburg. She will go straight into service around Nürnberg and Mainz with work trains.

Oktober 10th:
V200 033 with one defect engine

V200 033 returned today with a Müller Touristik train from Kiel and Neustadt to the Ruhr area with only one engine working. From Hamburg the WLE 51 came in front of the train for help.

Oktober 6th:
News from OMB in Neustrelitz

Yesterday the new TBD 620 V12 Deutz engines of the V270.06 (V200 106) were started for the first time. Today the Indusi was tested. The locomotive has also been equipped with Mesa 23, PZB 90 and multiple traction.
Also 221 136-5 was at the workshop in Neustrelitz. OHE-Sp has now given back the engine to imoTrans and one engine was replaced by one from a class 213. The locomotive will be hired to EBW-Cargo.
Inside the workshop could also be seen ex-418 (V200 134) which was completely empty and work was in progress slowly on the body parts. This will probably be the second one for imoTrans.

September 21st:
V270.06 presented at Innotrans 2004

At Innotrans 2004 in Berlin OMB presented the 4th restored locomotive from the ex-OSE fleet. The locomotive is fitted with new engines and other modern equipment. She has been bought by EBW-Cargo and is painted in bright yellow colours.
V260.06, Berlin, Karl Arne Richter

August 18th: V200 033 back in service
From today V200 033 is back in service. She received a major overhaul during the last 2 years done by MEH/HEF and WLE. The locomotive will be used for WLE freight traines and Müller Touristik extra trains.

June 26th: 220 074 arrived in Zagreb
Today in the early morning FER 220 074 arrived at Zagreb Marchalling Yard, and will be transported to Gredelj works later where she will receive a complete overhaul.

June 5th: 220 060 back at FER
After a complete overhaul at Gredelj in Zagreb 220 060 is now back in Italy. This loco, best known for the yellow livery when she first came to Italy, is now also painted in the new FER colours.

June 23rd: 221 136-5 back to imoTrans
Because there was no work for 221 136-5 at OHE-Sp anymore (the train to Premnitz is hauled by a V60) the locomotive was given back to imoTrans.

April 20th: Test run of 220 011 and 220 028
On April 20th both overhauled loco's 220 011 and 220 028 made two test runs in tandem. 220 028 was not yet fully painted in the final livery. On May 4th they started their journey back to Italy. Both loco's received new CAT diesel engines, compressors, new control systems. 220 029 is still in Zagreb and will be finished in June.
220 011 and 220 028, Zagreb, 20/04/2004, Carlo Alberto Lunghi

April 30th: 221 106 sold as V270.06
On January 12th 2004 ex-Greek 412 (221 106) was sold to EBW Eisenbahnbewachungs GmbH. The locomotive will be overhauled in the workshops OMB in Neustrelitz. She will receive new Deutz diesel engines, the steam boiler will be removed, PZB 90 and Zugbahnfunk Mesa 23 will be installed and also an airco for the engine driver rooms. The locomotive will be painted in yellow and is expected to be made ready in July.

April 26th: 221 136-5 to OHE-Sp
OHE-Sp has hired locomotive 221 136-5 for a period of 1 year with an option of another 6 months. The locomotive now has a OHE-Sp sticker on top of the PEG logo.

April 15th: Roll-Out of 221 136-5
Today the official Roll-Out of the 221 136-5 for imoTrans took place at OMB Neustrelitz. After manager Dr. Bacher spoke some words about the history of the V200, he transferred the loco to imoTrans by handing over the locomotive documents to Mr. Tenisson (manager imoTrans and PE Cargo). The ex-OSE 417 has been painted in a dark blue color, unlike the other locomotives of imoTrans. In the afternoon the loco ran light to Berlin and is available now for hauling trains.
221 136-5, Neustrelitz, April 15th 2004

April 8th: 221 135-7 to NeSA
NeSA has hired locomotive 221 135-7 for a period of 2 years now. Today she was seen on transport to southern Germany. She will be used for touristik trains, work trains en also for specials from the EFZ.

April: V200 015 and V200 016 back to Kornwestheim
Due to company change at Gmeinder (Mosbach) both V200 015 and V200 016 were brought back to EMN/GES in Kornwestheim by Gmeinder. Now EMN/GES has to decide which steps has to be taken to restore one or both locomotives.

March: 4 HSH V200 scrapped
In March 2004 the remains of the 4 V200.1 locomotives in Memelisht (near Pogradec) were scrapped. Only the bodies were left after the civil war, so the only option for them was to be scrapped. Only one (2003) is still rusting away in Prenjas.

March 18th: 221 117-5 delivered
While EfW locomotive 221 122-5 came back into service, the second EfW V200 221 117-5 was delivered by OMB Neustrelitz and transported to Worms for staff training. In April she was seen in the Holzkirchen Area running work trains.
221 117-5, Holzkirchen, April 2nd 2004

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