News of 2005
October 18th:
V200 002 damaged in fire

Yesterday evening, Monday October 17th, the round house of the Nürnberg Hbf depot was completely destroyed by a fire. In this depot were over 20 museum pieces stored, some in working order. All vehicles were heavely damaged. Amongst them was the V200 002. The frame of the locomotive is now bending, so it is to be seen if she will be restored.

October 14th: 220 041 returns to FER
After a complete overhaul at Gredelj in Zagreb 220 041 left Zagreb for Italy. This loco is now also painted in the new FER colours and has new engines, new or revised equippment and the driver position has been moved from right to left..

June 26th:
220 017 and 220 077

Reuschling in Hattingen is making an inventory of the work to be done on both V200 017 and V200 077. Both locomotives are completely empty except for the diesel engines. The two main Caterpillar engines have been placed, but are not yet connected. A small diesel engine for the locomotive electrical power and a bigger one (MTU 12V 183 TC 13) to power the passenger cars brings the total number of diesel engines to 4. The electronic controls are in the middle of the locomotive where the heating boiler used to be. The bogies have been overhauled and the wheels have been rebanded. All other parts are in 3 freight wagons. The locomotives will be sanded and grounded again before the rebuilding will start. It is planned to have one locomotive ready by the end of this year.

V200 017, Hattingen

V200 077, Hattingen

June 23rd:
221 122 defekt

Already two months 221 122-5 is standing aside in Oberhausen with a broken drive shaft. On June 26th I spotted the locomotive in the workshop with the repair works in progress.

May 25th:
220 017 and 220 077 on transport

Both 220 017 and 077 were seen on transport in Karlstadt. They were comming from ZOS Nymburk were a major overhaul was started. The work will be finished at Reuschling in Hattingen.

May 19th:
220 041 and 220 074

Just today it was confirmed to me that 220 041 is now also at TZV Gredelj in Zagreb for a major overhaul.
220 074, which is for almost a year in Zagreb, has made a trial run in Croatia. The picture (courtesy of Mr. C. Lunghi) shows the 220 074 in her new outfit with a slightly different V-shape on the front. That leaves 220 045 as the last remaining locomotive not yet overhauled.
220 074, Carlo Alberto Lunghi

May 16th:
220 060 made a trial run

After a long period staying in the workshop of Sermide being repaired, 220 060 made a trial run and she will soon enter service again.

May 8th:
220 029 damaged badly

Last week 220 029 was involved into an accident with an electric locomotive type E656 during shunting in Bologna Interporto. The V200 was badly damaged and it is not certain yet if she will be repaired.

Februari 16th:
220 060 hit terminal buffer

In the northern part of the freight yard in Ferrara, 220 060 hit a terminal buffer. The locomotive was damaged and has to be repaired. This will be done in the workshop in Sermide.

Januari 24th:
221 136 in Emmerich

221 136 was in Emmerich and picked up a train consisting of Spitzke Fas wagons and brought them as DGS 80935 to Könitz. Apparently she is not hired by EBW-Cargo anymore.

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