News of 2006
December 31st:
V200 053 sold

EVB has sold their V200 053 to the Brohltalbahn. The locomotive will be repaired by Reuschling in Hattingen and will also receive a new colour scheme.

December 18th:
Restoration of V200 017 and 077 restarted

The restoration of V200 017 and 077 by Reuschling in Hattingen has been restarted this month. The first loco will be expected to be ready by March/April 2007.

October 22nd:
V200 053 brought to Bremervörde

After she stayd a long time at the Roland container terminal in Bremen, the V200 053 was pulled to Bremervörde. While one of the bogies of the V200 was on a auxiliary bogie, the transport was done by the EVB V100 410 02.

September 1st:
EGP has taken over PE Cargo activities

The Eisenbahngesellschaft Potsdam mbH (EGP) has taken over all activities, rolling stock and employees from PE Cargo. This includes 221 136-5.

June 30th:
221 136-5 with other logo

The blue 221 136-5 has now on the side also the PE Cargo logo. The imoTrans text has been replaced by an advertising one: 'BR 221 - zugkräftiger als gedacht -'. ImoTrans has been merged into PE Cargo.

June 27th:
V200 002 scrapped

Today the V200 002 (which was damaged by a fire last year) has been scrapped on site. It was uncertain for some time what would happen with the diesel loco's, but in the end scrapping was the only option.
V200 002 V200 002 V200 002

June 15th:
221 135-7 back in service

Since june 12th 221 135-7 is back in regular service for the Neusser Eisenbahn (NE). Like in 2005 she again runs the chalk trains to/from Rohdenhaus.

March 29th:
Test run of 221 135-7

After the engine was repaired 221 135-7 made a test run into the Angertal.

March 23rd:
Restoration of V200 017 and 077 posponed

Due to negotiations with the owner, Reuschling in Hattingen has stopped the restoration of V200 017 and 077 for the time being. Both locomotives are wrapped in plastic and stabled outside the workshop.

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