News of 2007
December 28th:
V200 017 runs aluminum train

During their own locomotive D9 (ex-DB V200 053) is being repainted, V200 017 will run the aluminum train Spellen - Koblenz for a limited number of times. It is to be expected that D9 will return in a green outfit on the train in the second week of januari 2008.

December 7th:
221 135-7 sold

The 221 135-7 of Barbara-Birgit Pirch has been sold to the Bocholter Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (BOEG). She will be repainted and will run copper trains between Lünen und Hettstedt from Januar 2008.

July 26th:
221 134-0 made test run with train

Another unexpectedly test run (Lastprobefahrt) was made by locomotive 221 134-0. The yellow locomotive, with on the sides the number V270.07, was seen in Wustermark Rangierbahnhof. There were a lot of people in both cabs. The locomotive has not yet a revision date nor any logos of EBW Cargo.
221 134-0, Wustermark Rangierbahnhof, (C) Dominic Schreiber

July 25th:
V200 017 made test run with train

The V200 017 unexpectedly made a test run (Lastprobefahrt) with train DGS 90397 Spellen - Koblenz. The V200 017 came as light engine to Oberhausen where she was put in front of the loaded train which was brought from Spellen to Oberhausen by the V200 from the BEG. In Koblenz-Lützel the V200 017 left the train and the D 9 (V200 053) brought the train to the harbour. The V200 017 returned light engine to Hattingen. She has received the number V200 017 and a DB-Keks-like Logo with the letters WLH (Westfälische Lokomotiv-Fabrik Hattingen).
V200 017, Lintorf

July 2nd:
V200 017 made first test runs

On June 28th 2007 locomotive V200 017 made the first test runs on the tracks of the workshop Reuschlingen in Hattingen. The next two weeks more tests will take place. The locomotive is painted in the well known red colours and the V-shape returned on the front. It is not yet known wether she will be numbered as V200 or as 220. The picture was kindly sent to me by the Reuschling company.
V200 017, Reuschling

May 4th:
V200 105 and V200 134

Today the workshops OMB in Neustrelitz were renamed into Arriva Werke Nord GmbH during an official presentation at the Kundentag/Open day. In the workshop two V200 could be seen with work in progress. Both V200 105 and V200 134 are being restored to working order for EBW Cargo. Instead of the Deutz engine used in the V270.06, these locomotives will receive the MTU DM 12V4000R41 engines. The locomotives will also be painted yellow like the V270.06.

May 4th:
V200 053 ran first freight train

Already two days after the locomotive was delivered, the D 9 ran a freight train from Koblenz to Spellen and back. The train was empty to Spellen, but loaded with aluminum slabs on the return. The train runs irregular about 2 times a week.

May 2nd:
V200 053 delivered

The V200 053, now numbered as D 9, ran light engine from Hattingen to Koblenz from where the Brohltal-Eisenbahn Gesellschaft mbH will use her.

January 4th:
V200 053 brought to Hattingen

Today EVB 219 001 brought the V200 053 from Bremervörde to Reuschling in Hattingen where she will be restored to working order for the Brohtalbahn.

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