News of 2008
July 18th:
V200 147 presented as D20 'Coevorden'

The V200 that arrived 2 weeks ago at the Bentheimer Eisenbahn was today baptized as Coevorden. This happening took place at the Euroterminal II in Coevorden Heege after some officials, like Paul Ricken, Geert Roeles, Hans-Werner Schwarz and Peter Hoffman held their speeches. Afterwards the guests took place in two historic passenger coaches behind the D20 and the train left for Coevorden station.
D20, Coevorden Heege, 18/07/2008

June 29th:
V200 arrives at the Bentheimer

After a long trip from Neustrelitz the V200 for the Bentheimer Eisenbahn arrived in Nordhorn. Because the locomotive was not yet completed (some equipment was not yet mounted or tested) she was not allowed to run on her own. From Neustrelitz to Bentheim the V270.08 pulled the V200 147, from Bentheim to Nordhorn the D25 did the transport. In Nordhorn the locomotive will receive further stickers, equipment and will be tested.
D25 + D20 + V270.08, Hestrup, 29/06/2008

January 16th:
Rollout of 221 135-7 in orange

In the Bw Krefeld locomotive 221 135-7 was officially presented to the press in the colours of the Bocholter Eisenbahngesellschaft. Luckally the classic look was kept and the bright orange colour needs getting used to. The V200 was put into a line up with the other locomotives of the BEG.
221 135-7, Krefeld, 16/01/2008

January 7th:
D9 made test run in green livery

An unexpectedly test run was made by locomotive D9 (ex-DB 220 053). This was the first run in the new green livery. Surpisingly the locomotive has got large texts of Reuschling on the side.
D9, Schwerte Ruhr, (C) Patrick Boettger

January 4th:
221 135-7 changed owner

In Neustrelitz at the Arriva Werke Nord GmbH Barbara-Birgit Pirch turned over her 221 135-7 to the Bocholter Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (BOEG) by handing over the Betriebsbuch and the keys to Andreas Domke, manager at the BEG. For this special occasion the locomotive was put in an line-up with 3 other 221's: V270.07, V270.08 and 221 136-5.
4 times 221 4 times 221

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