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 V270: restoration and/or rebuild
It is planned to repair and return to service as many of the locomotives as possible. Some of them will become parts sources while other messages mention the reselling of some to other railway companies, but the PEG declines this.

 New class V 270
The PEG will renumber the locomotives into class V270. They will receive a complete overhaul and will be used by the PEG for freighttrains everywhere in Germany, maybe also in passengertransport. It is also possible for other users to hire, lease or even buy one or more locomotives.
Two of the 20 V200s have been bought by EfW-Verkehrsgesellschaft. The PEG will restore both ex-OSE 420 (221 122-5) and 415 (221 117-5) into working order. They will be painted in the original red/black colours. The first one will be ready on Mai 1st, the second one on July 1st.
 Testruns 03/07/2003
Thursday 03/07/2003 two test runs were made with 221 122-5. In the early morning the engine went from Neustrelitz to Mirow and back. In the workshop the engine was checked and in the afternoon a second test run was made on the main line to Waren.

 Roll-Out of 221 136-5
On April 15th 2004 the official Roll-Out of the 221 136-5 for imoTrans took place at OMB Neustrelitz. After manager Dr. Bacher spoke some words about the history of the V200, he transferred the loco to imoTrans by handing over the locomotive documents to Mr. Tenisson (manager imoTrans and PE Cargo). The ex-OSE 417 has been painted in a dark blue color, unlike the other locomotives of imoTrans. In the afternoon the loco ran light to Berlin and went into service.

 V270.06 presented at Innotrans 2004
At Innotrans 2004 in Berlin OMB presented the 4th restored locomotive from the ex-OSE fleet. The locomotive is fitted with new engines and other modern equipment. She has been bought by EBW-Cargo and is painted in bright yellow colours.
The locomotive has been modernized and fitted with two new Deutz engines type TBD 620 V12 and has almost 3000 Ps power. Because the heater boiler did not return in the locomotive, there is plenty of room in the middle of the locomotive. A diesel generator is put in place for 24/110/220 Volt on board power and powers for instance the air conditioning and several other devices. Mesa 23, PZB90 and Multiple traction system was also installed.

 Another 2 V200s for EBW
EBW Cargo receives in 2007 another two V200s. The renamed workshop Arriva Werke Nord in Neustrelitz rebuilt the 221 105 as V270.08 and 221 134 as V270.07. They received other engines as V270.06, now MTU DM 12V4000R41 are used.

 The Bentheimer V200
On Sunday June 29th 2008 the Bentheimer V200 was transported from Neustrelitz to Nordhorn. Because the loco was not yet allowed to run, she was pulled from Neustrelitz to Bentheim by V270.08 and from Bentheim to Nordhorn by D25.

 V270 121
On October 9th 2009 locomotive V270 121 entered service in a grey outfit. Arriva Werke Nord GmbH will use the locomotive for transport of other locomotives and wagons. The locomotive will also be available for customers as a replacement when there own locomotive is at the Neustrelitz works for repairs. Longtime rent by other companies is also possible.
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