Update 04/01/2018
The first G2000 will be scrapped. Locomotive 1001325 arrived today without the bogies at Jacko Fijn Techniek in Wezep (NL) on a low loader truck. The engines and other parts that can be reused will be removed before the body will be scrapped.
Update 02/01/2015
At about 14:00 a train consisting of 14 wagons and a G2000 was lead on the dead end at Guastalla yard in Italy. The locomotive G2000 20 (5001519) hit the concreet buffer, tilted and landed on its side. The first wagon behind the locomotive was derailed. The engine driver had only minor injuries and was checked in the hospital. The through route in Guastalla is not barred, so normal train operating will continue.
Update 29/12/2014
The models page has been updated and now features pictures of 31 different models in H0 scale.
Update 30/08/2012
Twelve pictures have been added of the following engines: 1001032, 1001034, 1001038, 1001040, 1001043, 10010458, 5001604, 5001606, 5001756.
Update 24/02/2012
The models page has been updated and now features pictures of 25 different models in H0 scale.
News 01/05/2011
Since 14/04/2011 Rotterdam Rail Feeding (RRF) has received her first G2000. It is the 5001604 which was formerly known as R4C 2005. The locomotive will go to Antwerp harbour and perform shunting duties in its Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GWI) livery.
Update 30/01/2011
Some updates in the tables: 5001751, 5001803, 5001839 added, 5001636 and 5001669 hired by SNCB.
Update 02/02/2010
New locomotive 5001701 for Colas Rail added in the tables.
Update 01/03/2009
Finally after more than a year I managed to update the site. I did a small make over: the site got some new looks and size. Almost all pages were updated. With this update it is also possible to see a list of locomotives per company, this way it is easy to see which locomotives were/are hired and belong to which companies. Also many pictures have been added.

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