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 The Coevorden V200
Now the Bentheimer Eisenbahn (BE) also owns a V200. It's V200 147 (221 147-2), one of the 20 that returned from Greece. And it's the seventh locomotive from that batch which has been restored to working order by the Arriva Werke Nord GmbH in Neustrelitz.

 The locomotive
First the V200 147 has been dismantled, sandblasted and put into primer. Also the chassis has been checked on fractures. The bogies and Maybach Mekydro hydraulic transmissions have been overhauled. These are the only original parts of the locomotive that have been kept, all other equipment is new. The locomotive is mainly technical identical with the V270.07 and V270.08 of EBW Cargo. Two MTU DM 12V4000R41 engines have been fitted, the locomotive is radiocontrolled and camera's are placed on the front so that the driver can see the signals of his colleague. In the UIC grid the NS symbol has returned, but the locomotive has not yet the required ATB (dutch train controlling system). At the BE the locomotive is running as D20, but on the frame is also the long number 92 80 1221 147-2 D BE.

 Transport from Neustrelitz to Nordhorn
On Sunday June 29th 2008 the transport of the D20 from Neustrelitz to Nordhorn took place. Because the locomotive was not yet approved by the EBA (Eisenbahn BundesAmt), she was not allowed to run solo. Therefore she was hauled by V270.08 from Neustrelitz to Bad Bentheim and by D25 from Bad Bentheim to Nordhorn.
V270.08 + D20
D25 + D20 + V270.08
D25 + D20 + V270.08

 The official baptism
On july 18th 2008 the locomotive was baptised and received the name Coevorden. This official event took place at the Euroterminal II in Coevorden Heege. First there were speeches from Paul Ricken (Aufsichtsratvorsitzender BE), Geert Roeles (municipality Coevorden), Hans-Werner Schwarz (Erster Kreisrat des Landkreises Grafschaft Bentheim) and Peter Hoffman. These speakers and Herr. Dr. Bacher (Geschäftsführer Arriva Werke Nord, Neustrelitz) received a Fleischmann model that was repainted in the D20 colours. Then a bottle of champagne was smashed to the locomotive. At noon the guests took place in the two historic coaches and the new Coevorden-V200 brought them to Coevorden station where they had lunch in the nearby Best Western Hotel.
D20, Coevorden Heege Paul Ricken, Aufsichtsratvorsitzender der BE Gasten
Die Taufe Herr Geert Roeles, Herr Peter Hoffmann, Herr Dr. Wolfgang Bacher D20 schaal 1:87 D20, Coevorden
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