News of 2003
December 16th: 221 122-5 back to OMB Neustrelitz
For some minor repairs 221 122-5 is now back at OMB in Neustrelitz. The delivery of 221 117-5 has been delayed due to problems with the gear box.

December 7th: V200 029 has arrived in Zagreb
V200 029 (ex-Veltri, now FER) has arrived at TZV Gredelj in Zagreb for a major overhaul like 220 049 and 220 051. V200 060 is still there and apparently V200 028 is also in Zagreb for the same type of overhaul.

November 21st: 221 135-7
221 135-7 will now receive a major overhaul in the OMB Works in Neustrelitz. First she was at Alstom in Stendal for a bogie overhaul, but OMB has gathered more knowledge with overhauling 221, even from scrap.

October 6th: 221 101 and 221 120
Today E94 279 delivered both 221 101 and 221 120 to the Railway Museum in Heilbronn. Both locomotives were in Italy for about 15 years. They have never been used in Italy. It is not known yet if they will be restored to working order.

August 03rd: Picture of 220 074 with new logo
The 220 074 of the FER has not only received a new logo on both sides, also the front has changed a bit: the old logo has disapperead and the locomotive number is painted on a red background between the new headlights. Pascal Zingg took this picture while he was making a roundtrip through Italy on July 13th 2003..
220 074, Ferrara

July 11th: 220 051 and 220 028 220 051 is back to FER in Sermide und will go into regular service within a few weeks. She was in the workshops of TZV Gredelj in Zagreb where she received a major overhaul. 220 028 is also at FER and will be made ready for transport to Zagreb (removal of engine and other equipment). V200 051, Guastalla, Hans J. Rosenberger

July 5th: 221 122-5 made her first trip
Already on the day after she was deliverd to the EfW, the 221 122-5 made her first trip on an special Marriage-Express from Frechen to Koblenz and back. Karl Arne Richter took this picture showing the train waiting for departure in Frechen.
221 122-5, Frechen, 05/07/2003, Karl Arne Richter

July 4th: 221 122-5
After the succesful test runs of yesterday, the locomotive was transported to her new owner in Frechen, the EfW-Verkehrsgesellschaft.

July 3rd: 221 122-5 made two test runs
Today the ex-OSE 420 left OMB-Neustrelitz works for two test runs as 221 122-5 after the restoration was completed. First run was from Neustrelitz to Mirow and back, the second run was made to Waren and back. Both runs were made without any major problems.
221 122-5, Mirow, 03-07-2003

June 26th: V200 060 is in Zagreb
V200 060 is in the workshops of TZV Gredelj in Zagreb for a major overhaul. She was seen on temporary bogies and all equipment was removed.

June 1st: Special 50 years V200 anniversary train from Frankfurt to Villingen
The special train celebrating 50 years V200 from Frankfurt to Villingen and back was hauled by two locomotives: V200 002 and V200 116. Both locomotives were extensively restored last year in Bremen works and looked like new. Photo special
V200 002 and V200 116 on the Schwarzwald line

May 21st: V200 116 made a testrun
Yesterday the V200 116 left Bremen-Sebaldsbrück works for a testrun to Nienburg after the restoration was completed.

May 19th: V200 046 was scrapped
Today I received a message that the remainders of V200 046 were scrapped last year. This locomotive was the last remaining ex-Heitkamp locomotive at Archirodon in Hofuf, Saudi Arabia. The last years she was not in service anymore and her condition got worse.

April 25th: 220 060 in Ferrara Porta Reno
Matteo Cremonesi send me a picture of the yellow V200 060 which has been bought by FER and was seen at Ferrara Porta Reno depot on April 24th 2003.
220 060, Ferrara Porta Reno

March 21st: FER buys three V200
Ferrovie Emilia Romagna (FER) has bought three other V200. This brings the total number of their V200 up to 10. All three locomotives were used for track maintenance, V200 028 (Salcef) and V200 029 (Veltri) around Rome, V200 060 (LAFESD) on Sardegna. The yellow painted V200 060 is the first one to receive a complete overhaul similar to the 220 049.

February 11th: First picture of overhauled 220 049 in regular service
Today I received from Marco Cacozza a picture which shows the 220 049 in Sermide. This is the first picture of this locomotive in regular service. The 220 049 was fully overhauled in 2002 in Zagreb and returned to Sermide in October last year. On the picture train 52267 pauses in the station Sermide with the empty steel coils train from Guastalla to Ravenna on January 30th 2003. 220 049, Sermide

February 10th: V200 013 to Nymburk
EBG Locomotive V200 013 (ex-SBB 18461) has been transported to Ebersbach together with other locomotives. In the next days she will be transported to the ZOS works in Nymburk where she probably will receive a major overhaul.

January 12th: 220 074-9 (FER) has received the new logo
Locomotive 220 074-9 has received the new FER logo on both sides replacing the old FP logo. On the front the old logo has disappeard and not been replaced by the new one.

January 4th: EfW buys two V200s from PEG
Two of the 20 V200s have been bought by EfW-Verkehrsgesellschaft. The PEG will restore both ex-OSE 420 (221 122-5) and 415 (221 117-5) into working order. They will be painted in the original red/black colours. The first one will be ready on May 1st, the second one on July 1st.

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